Our Philosophy

Vocal Music is an artistic discipline requiring each student involved to make a commitment to excellence. This commitment is evidenced by a strong sense of personal responsibility, dedication to the importance of self-discipline and a willingness to share one’s spirit through the emotion of song. Total concentration, maximum effort and the courage to take risks in order to grow are critical characteristics of the vocal music student. The hallmarks of an outstanding vocal music program include active student leadership, innovative musical programming and the continuing exploration of new ideas and methods. Excellence is only achieved through hard work and hard work is composed of energy, intensity and the use of every ounce of one’s ability and talent. Achievement in the area of vocal music can easily be transferred by principle to other academic areas and to successful living.

Is is our belief that performance is the natural outgrowth and culmination of the work which goes on in a vocal music class and is considered an honor. As such, performance constitutes a vital part of the continuing process of vocal music instruction and is a direct application of classroom learning. Because performance is such an important factor in vocal music instruction, student evaluation can not be done solely on the basis of classroom participation and testing, but evaluation must by necessity include evaluation based on participation in public performances.

This policy has, therefore, been created to act as a guide for the uniform evaluation and grading of all Hamilton Southeastern HS Vocal Music students. Through this policy students will receive credit for their performance and an opportunity to make up credit for their performance missed for reasons deemed excused as stated in this policy.

We realize that any policy must be subject to interpretation and allow for extenuating circumstances. However, it is hoped that both student and parents will appreciate and understand that the absence of any student during a performance will affect the total group requiring adjustments to be made in the performance and cause hardships on the remaining students. We hope to encourage our students to show respect for themselves, for their achievements, and for other students and their achievements by their attendance at vocal music performances.