Attendance Policy

Both parents and students should realize that performances and extra rehearsals are a required part of the coursework. This includes in-school field trips and after-school activities. Unlike regular class work and written examinations, there is no way to make up a missed performance. Students depend upon their classmates to perform with them, and the audience exists at only one point in time.

Excused Absence:

The following reasons for absences may be:

  1. Health problems severe enough to keep the student at home, or the request from a doctor that the student not participate for a valid medical reason.
  2. Death in the family
  3. Religious observance
  4. Extreme emergencies/circumstances – accepted at the discretion of the director

The student performer must submit written explanation of the absence, signed by a parent/guardian and director at least 1 week prior to the performance in order to receive “Excused” absence from a performance. In extenuating circumstances, the written explanation may be submitted at the earliest opportunity.

Grade Make-up for Excused Absence
An excused absence means that the student will have the opportunity to make up 100% of the grade (100 points). To receive full credit for an excused performance absence, the student must submit a 12 font – Times New Roman, 3 page, type written, double-spaced paper on a subject of the director’s’ choice.