Classroom Conduct

The following rules are provided to insure each day’s rehearsal will function in its full potential. A 5 point deduction will be taken with each rule infraction (numbers 1-3 below). Cheating and Tardies will be handled according to the HSE Choral Dept. policies as stated below.

  1. No gum, food, or drink is allowed in any of the music classrooms. This includes before and after class.
  2. Each student is responsible for having his or her music folder, pencil, and any necessary materials as designated by the director, in class everyday. These items must be returned to their appropriate place at the end of class.
  3. Unnecessary talking or disturbances will not be permitted.
  4. Cheating will NOT be tolerated under any circumstances. Cheating on a test, quiz, homework, performance assessment, etc. will result in a ZERO and no points will be given.
  5. Tardy Policy: All Students must be in their seats with their music and necessary materials (and character shoes, if applicable) to be considered ON TIME to class. Inside the door and not in their seat will result in a TARDY.

Repeated infractions of the above rules will result in a conference including parent/guardian, teacher, student, and guidance counselor. A decision will be made at that time concerning the student’s continuance in the program.