Activity Points

  • Fall Concert: 100 points
  • Holiday Concerts: 100 points per concert
  • Jesse Eastwood Concert: 100 points
  • Spring Concerts: 100 points per concert
  • Contests: 100 points (if applicable)
  • Others: TBA (including other performances/rehearsals)


All other performances which will be announced to specific ensembles will be 100 points

All announced after school rehersals are REQUIRED, and point values will be announced.

Written, Singing, Sight-Singing, Rhythm, and Dance tests will vary in value per nine weeks and ensemble.

Participation in class will be worth 50 points each nine weeks. Points can be deducted for gum, no dance shoes, talking, etc…

A student’s nine weeks grade will be determined by taking the total points achieved divided by the total points possible, with the percentage then applied to the school grading scale.

A student’s semester grade will be determined using the twelve point scale with each nine weeks grade counting for 2/5, and the final exam grade counting for 1/5.